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OMG in 14 day's I at JIB4. I can't wait

Genevieve pic

I have found this pic from Genevieve of Facebook. I have no idea is this pic new or not.
I found that man see a little her belly. What you think ?

Problems with LJ


you also have problems with LJ?
This afternoon I could absolutely not log on LJ. Only now I manage to connect.
This has happened there two days

Harry Potter 7

I have see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 and this movie is realy hard and painful.

DVD Asylum 3

Hi everyone,

i have one big problem. I have buy the DVD Asylum 3 by Rogue Events the 25 Nov 2009 and i have not receiv my dvd.

You have receiv your Asylum 3 DVD ?

LiveJournal Problems


i have big problems with LiveJournal.

LiveJournal is very very very slow and i can not connection to my friends page.

Help please


I'm writing you to prevent you to be careful with one member of LJ. This person is manipulator and bad. As soon as you do not make that she wants, she drops you and deletes you ilicot of her contacts.

I have some others friends who made of very bad experience with her. A word to the wise is enough

Message for all artists



 I have found this poster of Harry Potter 5 and i found this picture go good for Supernatural Season 4 finale.

Sam and demons VS Dean and angel's

You thing what for this idea ? and if somebody can realize this picture or wall of Sam and démons VS Dean and angel's.


Coaster 2009



Pictures of futur Coaster Europa Park 2009